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Meet the Artist

Alana Cobb displayed her passion for art as well as cooking at a young age. She engaged in numerous art classes where she developed a keen interest in painting, clay sculpting, and even fashion. This combined with her creativity in the kitchen, sparked by the use of her first Easy Bake Oven, put her on the fast track to conquer the culinary world from an artistic point of view.


After high school Alana decided to pursue her heart’s true passion; culinary arts. She graduated from Purdue University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Restaurant Management. The summer following graduation she decided to dabble in the world of cake decorating. As a self-taught decorator, Alana relied on books, the Internet, and trial error as her instructors.


She also gained experience by preparing wedding and birthday cakes for family and friends. Over the years Alana’'s hobby has grown and blossomed into what we now call Princess Confections.


Alana realizes she been blessed with a God given talent and unique gift. She plans to cherish this gift by maintaining her passion, attention to detail, combined with her determination to produce her best work and make strides to constantly improve her craft. She also sends up blessings for all the motivation, support, and encouragement she has received from friends and family.


Alana Cobb, Owner / Designer

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